About JAFCON’s

JAFCON is a Bahrain based consultancy company established in 1990, to offer industrial and business consultancy services to the GCC and MENA area, as well as, internationally.  We increase the effectiveness of our services by removing the boundaries and encouraging multi-national and multi-discipline expertise to join forces to achieve common goals.  Our emphasis also lies in local inputs to eliminate misfits.

JAFCON’s Management Four-dimension Philosophy:

  • Deployment of innovative intellectual elements in all of its services and activities.
  • The management model of JAFCON is structured to be client-oriented.
  • Banking on local human capabilities is a key element of JAFCON’s success. JAFCON management strongly believes that Bahrainis are achievers, as the firm endeavors to maintain the Bahrainisation level of its team at 90%. This has given JAFCON a leading edge, as Bahrainis understand the prevailing business culture and environment.
  • Increasing the productivity of SME’s will lead to improving the economy and eventually prosperity of Bahrain. SME’s represent 90% of total companies in Bahrain; therefore, they are vital for growth of economy.


To become the regional world-class provider for unique consultancy services, and to be recognized as the distinguished provider of brilliant solutions.


To provide unique world-class consultancy services timely and effectively, in order to raise productivity standards and to achieve sustainable profitability, growth and prosperity to the clients.

Core Values

  • Professionalism is the road to the perfection
  • Customer satisfaction is a goal, not a mean
  • Experience is an asset if effectively used
  • Innovation is the vehicle for uniqueness
  • Integrity and ethics are keys of success
  • Local culture and international dimension are the balance to be maintained

Social Responsibility

A proactive partnership in developing the society through innovative initiatives, that result in economic growth, prosperity of community and hence empowerment of individuals. Furthermore, social responsibility programmes operate based on the core value of non-discrimination on the basis of ethnic, nationality, religion, color or district.

Quality Commitment

Assure the ultimate client delight in a professional manner and unwavering commitment to quality.