JAFCON celebrates silver jubilee

For 25 years, JAFCON strived to offer management and specialized economical consultancy services that are pioneered in the field of productivity improvement; both locally and internationally.

JAFCON celebrated its silver jubilee with a press conference at the company’s head office where Dr. Akbar Jaffari; JAFCON’s Chief Executive has presented its history milestones since the company’s establishment in 1990. JAFCON has successfully conducted more than 710 projects to support managerial decision making both in private and public sector to uplift the levels of productivity and performance. The offers were based on unique scientific and practical methods, along with smart solutions that focus on: increasing the value-added activities, adjusting the leadership-management levels, balancing between effectiveness and efficiency, as well as empowering the human resources. JAFCON’s clients’ base includes large, medium, and small enterprises along with ministries and governmental authorities in Bahrain, GCC, MENA, Europe and North America.

JAFCON has invariably continued to expand and grow where after 10 years of local presence it expands regionally in several Arab countries. “Then, in less than 20 years of business, it expands globally in the United States of America. In particularly in the last 3 years of operating, JAFCON’s role and presence was reinforced internationally through the international accreditation of its productivity improvement knowledge-based product by the Institute of Management Services (IMS, UK) which the global certified institute for productivity. Also recently, JAFCON has developed a Diploma in Productivity Improvement programme and got the international accreditation from NOCN, UK which is formally known as the National Open College Network.

The major consultancy projects conducted were the productivity measurement and improvement for several organizations, subcontracting and industrial partnership between Ministry of Industry & Commerce and a group of Bahraini industrial enterprises, occupations survey and employment preferences, Pearling Trail feasibility study, strategic planning and for Bahrain Chamber of Commerce & Industry, and more. Those projects were having significant economical rewards.

The future outlook for JAFCON was viewed by Dr. Akbar Jaffari to be strategically focusing on smart intellectual products which reinforce the position of the Kingdom of Bahrain as a knowledge oasis, and supports the orientation of the knowledge-based economy through the gate of productivity improvement by inventing smart solutions, and reinforcing partnership with prominent international bodies such as World Confederation of Productivity Science and Institute of Management Services, and major global universities with such as University of Cambridge, Harvard University, and other.

And what is worth to mention is that JAFCON is a Bahraini firm, and most of the employed consultants are Bahrainis whom got several prominent and international qualifications. Also, JAFCON has several management systems which it authored and are registered in UK.